We want your leather goods to last a lifetime, so this is our take - after extensive trial and error - on how to best care for your products.


Saddle soap is often advertised as being a leather cleaning solution, however it often dries it out. After all, it is a soap! We prefer a simple yet effective tip: bottled or distilled water. Dampen a cloth with a few drops and wipe any dust off your item. Make sure to let your leather dry completely before moving on to next step.


Leather is like our skin, it dries out and without proper care, cracks with time and exposure. Therefore, it is important that you nourish and revitalise your vegetable tanned leather, using special blend of Leather Oil. How often you should condition depends on usage and climate, so make sure to pay attention to your leather. If you only use your bag or accessory occasionally we advise this step be taken once a year, but if you are a heavy user condition every 3-6 months. Follow up with Beeswax Leather Cream for additional protection.


Water is the official frenemy of leather! You’d like a drop or two for cleaning, but if you are caught in the rain you could be left with serious damage. Therefore, you should weather-proof your items. Beeswax is a great natural water repellent so we send your first tin of Beeswax Leather Cream free, as this step is the most important and thus should be applied as often as necessary to maintain weatherproof seal.

There is a variety of leather care products on the market, but when choosing the best for you make sure to avoid products that contain paraffin and other chemicals, always stick to natural ingredients to treat natural materials. Online you can find our care products that are expertly made and 100% organic to match our leather, production methods, and way of life.