Entrepreneurship and craft have always run through Caltik veins. After finishing their studies in Zvolen and Edinburgh, the brothers Benjamin and Daniel were eager and armed to begin construction of their own personal legacies. Having been brought up immersed in Slovak nature — spending school nights beekeeping, building tree houses and RC models, and summers cross country cycling and hiking the High Tatras — the now engineer and business man are connected to true hand craft and are all about natural perfection.

Leather work has been a part of the family throughout centuries, dating back to Dani and Ben’s great grandfather who, before communism broke through, was a successful cobbler in Hungary, specializing in tailor made shoes. Later, the boy’s father used to show off his vegetable tanned leather briefcase, belt and boots, acquired when serving for the Czechoslovakian (back in the day) army, bragging about their quality and (they quote) “indestructibility”. Needless to say, this idea stuck for the youngsters.

The brothers developed passion and experience with leather, initially crafting wallets, briefcases, and bags for themselves, friends and family. This progressed to selling a few items online, where they found high demand for handmade leather goods and great prospects for success in the industry, taking into account their skill, determination and attention to detail.

When leather became their chosen career path the newly proclaimed partners set out in search of the highest quality and most environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather suppliers that could be found in Europe. It came as a wonderful surprise for Dani and Ben, who were living in Scotland at the time, that this top status leather was to be found (drumroll please…) RIGHT AT HOME, throughout the Slavic nations! Taking this discovery as a sign of the homeland calling their names, they decided to set up production in the Slovak countryside, near Austrian and Hungarian boarders, where as children they spent many summers in a farm house once inhabited by Grandpa Caltík. As the DIY crafty men that they are, they wasted no time before rolling up their sleeves and slipping on their work boots to begin disposing of clutter, setting down new wooden floors, and hand crafting oak doors and work tables. 

Now, employing a team of highly skilled and motivated crafts(wo)men, Benjamin and Daniel set sail for success, offering leather goods that translate their way of life and their belief in the power of working with one’s own hands. Every item crafted by Ben, Dani, and team, holds a unique essence and carries the meaning of sustainable business and rugged timelessness (or, as Papa Caltík would have said: “indestructibility”).